Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Assess the price of your WOW Account

Wow account cannot be assessed accurately as it maybe appreciation or depreciation soon after. And you wow account would be updated regularly as you still playing the game even you have decided to choose farmer100 for sale.
Every wow player wants to know the value of his wow account no matter whether he plans to sell it. Sometimes, you cannot acquire the price you are expected to. After all, you have invested so much money, time and energy into it. There are some factors that can influence your precious wow account.
First, the quantity and level of characters on your wow account. An account with multiple level-80s will be worth significantly more than one with a single character at max-level, or a smattering of low-level characters.
Second, that is gear quality of your main character which determined by an average of the item levels of each piece. You can make use of bigfoot software to evaluate it. Of course, a gear with an item level of 245 and 258 will be the most valuable.
Third, About rare or difficult-to-obtain pieces of gear, which may be significantly more valuable than their item level alone indicates, such as Val'anyr, a prized spell mace, item level 258 weapons, and rare trinkets.
Forth, cosmetic upgrades that you've made to your character could have a huge influence on wow account. Things like rare titles like "Hand of A'dal," "Grand Crusader," "Death's Demise" and "Gladiator".
Last, something addition also increase value of your wow account. Such as achievements, backpack, prestige, weapons and the lovely pets baby equipment.

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