Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reactive old wow account before MISTS OF PANDARIA come out

People who has stopped playing wow may wants to reactive his wow account before MISTS OF PANDARIA came out, so he can benefit from higher level characters. However, you need pay to upgrade to the new expansion if you want to experience the latest piece of information.

It is so important to find your old wow account and that may save you hours of frustration. Players spend hours to increase their character's level after registered wow account. Recovering your old account is a simple process compare to creating a new. You are able to call or use Blizzard's official account recovery Web page to find your account's username and password.

How can you get your old wow account started up again? To start up an old account, perhaps you just simply need start paying for it again. However, if it has been several patches after you stopped playing it, you need to let the client update itself to the current version.

Here are some steps for recover your old wow account : First, navigate to Blizzard's online account retrieval site. Second, fill in your name and your e-mail address and click "Continue".  Third, check your e-mail for your account username and password. Last, call wow accounts services at 1-800-592-5499. Provide the operator with as much detail about your account information as possible: Your billing address, your credit or debit card, name, phone number and any details about your account such as the level of the characters.

Most wow players have come and gone at least once from the game.  Because even the professional players need a break, I hope this can help you recovering your wow account rather than create a new which needs a long time to access to the level. Another way to experience high level account is go to farmer100.

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