Wednesday, July 18, 2012

EU WOW Account can not login in US Version

Some wow players maybe encounter the problem that he can not login in US version as an EU wow account. What is the reason about off-site landing?

As a wow player, the key that registered with the EU version can only be used to create an EU wow account, regardless of the realm list you try to load or the client you are running. However, if you have not activated the key yet, it is possible to ask Blizzard to convert your key to a US key. So you can create a US account with it, and certainly, it will not allow you to play on EU servers.

If you’re on different game servers in the EU and US version and the only way to continue playing wow is that registering a new EU wow account or US account. Assume that you set up another account, please choose the sever you want when initially presented with the new character roll screen.

When you plan to buy wow account from farmer100, please remember to choose server, though the game experience is the same, no matter US or EU, it can not been cross-used.

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