Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's time to sell your wow account!

Do you still have enough time to keep wow account active? Or you just tired of playing this kind of roleplaying online game? I guess you have had the plan to sell your precious wow account, so, choose farmer100 which can help you to sell wow account in great price quickly.
I will provide some reasons if you are still hesitate for selling the account.
1. Selling an account of WOW can earn a significant amount of money for you. Imagine getting paid to play World of Warcraft. Some gamers even have turned this into a full-time job.
2. You didn't have to disburse a part of your income for playing the game from now on. It's also earnings in another point of view.
3. You will be tired of wow, or don't have enough time and energy to continue, so there is no choice for you.
4. You can try out different servers, factions and game play styles when you start a new account.
5. You can sell off parts of an account for WOW instead of the entire account. Sell your weapons, armor and other items for real-world money.
6. Sell a mid-level account with tons of great gear and buy one that is at a higher level, but have less gear. So, you can play a better area and experience better equipments.
7. Choose the best areas and use the best weapons in the game by yourself.
Trade your account for real-world money now! After all, it seems more attractive to hold money on hand rather than enjoy virtual wealth in the game. You can choose farmer100 to trade wow account for more money,

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