Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to sell items in wow account

When I right click to sell my wow account’s items, it goes to some kind of box. But when I right click it again it goes back to my backpack, I always doubted if I have done something wrong. It is a common problem for wow beginner about selling items. Players should check the timestamp on a thread before posting in it.

Another attention is making sure that the vendor window is open and that you're not looking at the Buyback tab. And then right click the item in wow bags for selling items. You'll hear a jingling sound as money is given to you.

Two main ways to sell items are the auction house and vendors. The auction house you can set the price, but you have to pay gold to post it there, and the auction house takes a percent of what you get for it. Vendors will give you a specific price for the item if you can sell it to them, but you can’t sell everything to them. Just choose what they want.

Selling items is a main way to earn money in world of warcraft, there are some tips for selling items more effective:
First, choose Sunday for selling, as Sunday is perhaps the best day to sell by far. Many people do shopping in Auction House on Sunday. Perhaps, the reason is increasing number of people log in game just on Sunday. As it goes on, the number of items bought and sold altogether rises. You should always have a mailbox full of gold by Monday morning if things go well.
Second, do always set a buyout. You will have to lose 99% of sales once you do not set it. People want instant gratification, and also a buyout scares people into impulse buying because they feel that someone else could buyout the auction at any moment. With just bids and no buyout people know they have hours to think about it and often decide that they do not really need to spend all gold on that item today.
The last, keep your items listed for 24 hours, as the fee is not that much more in comparison. It is to make more people notice your items and make them to buy your items as well, though you can only list them once per day.
Selling items is much easier than selling your account, you can understand more information from farmer100.

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