Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Tank in World of Warcraft

Choosing Tank is a pretty fun thing to do. If you are a class with tank and don’t know how to tank for in the world of warcraft, here's a guide on how to tank:

First, you should know whether your wow account is a tank. They are death knight, paladin, warrior and druid. Each class has its benefits and drawbacks, the tanking class you choose is largely a matter of personal choice. In general, paladins have a large defensive toolbox, death knights have unparalleled control over mob placement, druids are made of raw stamina and mitigation, while warriors mix aspects of all four.

The tank is a fulcrum for the group's DPS. If the tank isn't putting out enough damage, the DPS character get "threat-capped." That's another way of saying the DPSers have to "peel back" their DPS sufficiently that they don't pull aggro.

If your group is using a lot of crowd control, you generally want to let that CC happen and then grab the mobs "on the inbound." You will need to be ready with your biggest multi-target attack as the rest of the mobs get into range, or you might risk losing a target or two.

Before pulling, always make sure your group is ready for a pull by asking "Ready?". If someone has gone AFK make sure they are back before pulling. If a healer it low on mana, wait for them to regen. Don't assume that everyone uses the same set of marks. While there is a generally accepted order to marking, just be on the safe side and specify.

Be sure you know your class's abilities for generating threat. Quite often abilities that cause a lot of damage will help your threat. Be sure to keep the mobs in front of you. You can not parry, dodge or block an attack that comes from behind. If you are concentrating on one mob in front of you while three mobs beat on your back you're going to make it tough for the healer.

Before you say you can tank have the right gear. If you're a warrior or a paladin, you'll need a sword and shield, not a two hander. It also helps if you are protection specialized in your talents. Don't think that if you wear plate and have a shield or do a lot of dps, it means you can tank.

Be sure to take time to tank in groups while you are leveling. Don't hit 80 and expect to tank if you've been solo dps for the last 30 levels. Offer to tank lower level dungeons so you can get in some good practice in an easier environment. It takes practice to be a good tank.

It is just some tips about controlling your tank character, everyone should practice continually by themselves for more detail skills. There are some nice wow accounts for selling that are good tanks on farmer100 , choose one for starting world of warcraft.

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