Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kick World of Warcraft Addiction

To most of MMORPGs, players have addiction of their games more or less. Some experts think that it sometimes affect gamer's daily life, and appeal to kicking world of warcraft addiction. Here are some treasures for those who want to quit wow game.
First, you should admit that you have addiction in playing wow, if playing it day and night. Look back for the time you spend in playing in wow, you obtain nothing except a great wow account. It means you have addiction in wow.

Second, Find out what has caused your addiction. What makes World of Warcraft so appealing to you? Is it the fact that it has different continents that you will never go to? Is it the fighting? Is it your "unique" role as a tank or a mage? Is it the happiness of 'pwning noobs'? Whatever it is, try to minimize this happiness in wow, and make it a pleasure that you could also get in every day life.

Third, tell your all of your game friends that you plan to kick the game at this time. As many people play World of Warcraft simply because their friends play it. Then, ask them to help you stay away from the game.

Forth, if you can not stop playing the game at once, please limit your play time every day. Translate your attention on other interesting activity when you have enough time. Maybe you can set a complicate password that you will forget easily.

Fifth, the definitely way to kick your wow addiction is quit your gold and delete your character. If it can not stop breaking yourself the hope that "one day you can return" , you would better Uninstall World of Warcraft from your computer.

At last, how about selling world of warcraft account on a safety website? You can not play wow again even you want back to it. This is a great way to stop playing, because then someone else takes your character, and you won't be able to control it any longer. It will help you quit the game thoroughly. Farmer100 will help you ending your addiction now!

Your life is slipping away from you because you are addicted to World of Warcraft.   An addiction doesn't just happen overnight. It creeps up on you. Calculate the time you spend doing nothing each week and how much money you're throwing in the game. Selling your wow account can Recycling portion of the money.

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