Thursday, August 9, 2012

New quests in Mists of Pandaria

Blizzard is hoping to avoid cutting up the social experience for the story. In the mists of pandaria which will be released next month, you can change a persistent online world in a way that makes it feel like completing a quest made a difference. When you may be running around in a sparkling flower garden and filled with eternally grateful, your friends still a few quests behind will be stuck in a charred wasteland filled only with ill-tempered demons.

Dave Kosak said that phasing is like the story sledgehammer. As the lead quest designer at Blizzard, he wants to start using it sparingly, because that the downside of phasing separates the players. It separates people. They are still doing phasing for those big, really important story moments where they have a big visual impact on the world in a very specific area.

There are a series of daily quests that had an individual progression so you and your friends could be in the same place. You would see a vendor standing the quest hub, if you're earlier the vendors aren't there yet for you. You can adventure together with friends but still see changes in the world.

Blizzard hopes to make quest progression a little more open-ended. Designers are breaking the quest lines up into smaller chunks and spreading them out across Pandaria's zones. So you can pick and choose the stories and quests you want to play through. The quest are all thematically related that they all kinds of deal with the big theme of the zone. However, gamers can play them out of order.

In past expansions Blizzard has introduced quest types where player hop on temporary mounts and is presented with a new ability set for the quest's duration, while these help break up the pace of standard questing. Blizzard have do some change that you will not see quite as many of these quest types in Mists of Pandaria. Instead, they use special quest types sparingly to ensure they don't become too distracting. Do you have ideas about playing the world of warcraft with a great wow account? Maybe you can buy cheapest wow accounts on farmer100.

When you reach level 90, you'll find a different style of daily content. You'll get a series of quests to raise a Cloud Serpent mount. There will be a new class of questing in Mists of Pandaria. Called Scenarios, these quests will be set in instanced versions of the world, but will not be dungeon encounters that require a healer, tank and DPS group to complete. If you are so curious about the detail quests that world of warcraft add to the new version, why not begin your game from now on?

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