Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free playing levels for your world of warcraft account

Blizzard has changed part of their program of world of warcraft game. Not only allows wow players to drive the game by downloading a client, but also allows them playing the game for free before reaching level 20. It is a good new for most of MMOROG fans, and it will attract more and more players in spite of the fence about the most popular online game.

Level 20 is considered the sweet spot by gamer. However, you can not enjoy all the fun of the game world. Because that there are always many restrictions at this stage, such as: no mail, no friend list options, no chat options, no bank or auction house uses. So you can not do many action such as obtain a larger bag at auction.

There is no '30 days' until you put in a retail code for a full copy of accounts wow. It means that you can pal around on any server, with the full character slots if you wanted to till level 20.

If you do not like trying the game including buying retail copy and running around for 30 days, you can cancel it though invested some money in it. Blizzard designers changed it so you could download it and skirt the box cost. But some players don't have the luxury of devoting their playtime and energy to the hefty time investment. As level 20 wow accounts are not enough to see enough of the world, more and more game beginners would like to pay for seeing more about world of warcraft. At the same time, Players who may like it enough to try and stop their step just on it. However, it always is a good new for players and game developer.

Now you can play endlessly if you don’t mind your character maxing out at level 20, and you can purchase a paid subscription to carry the character and your addiction further. If wow does grab your accounts wow at this time, you can grab the original game and its first expansion. If you never got past the vanilla game as a lapsed wow player, you can access Burning Crusade content with your original purchase.

If you are an old wow player and decided to quite your account just as the changes. You can sellingworld of warcraft account and closing that book on your MMO fun. Farmer 100 is a good choice for selling your wow account. It also provides some nice
Accounts wow for those who do not like repeating the initial action.

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