Monday, August 13, 2012

Things you must Known as a Beginner in World of Warcraft

World of warcraft is so popular all around the world that you are keen on learning about it as a MMORPG fans? Here are some tips if you are just obtain  accounts wow and entering the game world.

To start entering the world of warcraft, you must choose to join one of the various game servers around the world. There are a series of world of warcraft servers which called realms with different rules, attributes and action types spread. You should choose a suitable server as a beginner, because that not all servers are good for beginners.

In my opinion, it is wisdom to start experimenting with the game play in a server for beginner and then move on to a server for advanced players. Certainly, if you are very good at MMO games, you can skip the first step I have advised. You have to pay a typical monthly subscription before joining the servers. However, there are some servers for beginners where you can join for free!

It is a world where hunger for frame, gold and knowledge prevails. The world could be a resemblance of our real world at medieval times. You can find three big continents in Azeroth with cities, castles, villages and dungeons, rivers, forests.

When I begin my quest in the world of warcraft, I always gather gold and to start gaining battle experience by combating monsters. You can do it like me. Once you have get progress with your world of warcraft account, you will encounter different creatures and monsters. Seek for help from other individuals to defeat those monsters. It means that combining a team will help you go further.

I want to introduce a standardized currency in world of warcraft. The “coinage” of WoW is divided into 3 kinds of coin; copper, silver, and gold. Copper pieces are at the bottom of the economical ladder, and gold is at the top of ladder. The breakdown for coinage in your wow account is here:1 gold = 100 silvers = 10,000 copper

There are other items that drive the economy of wow besides money. Magical items and Trade Ingredients are examples, people will search out to make trade with. Most of gamers only keep coinage on them to afford whatever services they require.

Remember that gold is not everything in world of warcraft accounts. Having a good time and making new friends and enemies are all part of the fun of playing it! World of warcraft is not just a simple MMO game, it can bring things that other MMO games can not do.

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