Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to sell wow account

How to sell wow account? The easiest way you maybe have tried before you skinning this article is using a forum to sell your account. If you didn't succeed in this way, then you should change the forum you have selected.

There are some top forums like buysellmmo, markeedragon, and egamingsupply. You can find some common problem that others have discussed before you put forward. Forums have fraud problems due to poorly written or poorly placed anti-fraud guides. If you want the best anti fraud guides and learn how to trade safely, I recommend you a good website farmer100 which provide a Trading platform for wow gamers.

We all know that trade game account is providing gamers user name and password, but even if you sell the account and change the password, you could get a new password as the original owner. It means that the buyer cannot full trust the account he bought. The only way they avoid the risk is to buy a wow account on a credible website. Both buyers and sellers need a safety and efficiency website for trading wow accounts.

Perhaps you cannot stop your world of warcraft game, because that MMO companies try to lure subscribers back by reminding them that their old characters are still there, ready to play. To reduce your vulnerability to this pitch, please follow these steps:

1. Strip all of your characters of all their equipment and gold. Give it away to other players and make their day.

2. Delete all of your characters, but first:

Wait 24 hours. This will ensure that the useless version of you character makes it to the backups. This way if you "relapse" and call customer support to restore your accidentally" deleted character, all you'll get is the naked and penniless version.

Your incentive to return to the game will be greatly reduced if your existing characters are unavailable or mostly useless. Now you can completely sell your wow account now!


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