Sunday, August 12, 2012

Two ways to begin world of warcraft

The World of Warcraft is certainly the most popular MMORPG on the internet. The game provides a great online role playing experience to all the gamers. Perhaps you are a fan of MMORPG but do not know how to get started with it when you scanning this article.

I think you have did some research on the internet to seek for information about how to play the world of warcraft, especially those players who wants to buy world of warcraft accounts. In fact, it is not that difficult for any MMORPG fan to begin the game, as they have had some experience in playing the same kind of online games. The world of warcraft is based on Blizzard’s Warcraft series of games. For those who are not familiar with such games playing it is not a complicated task.

When you start the game for free on battle official website, the first step is to choose a realm. The realm will be occupied by a group of people who will finish the game playing together. Then you need to create a character within two factions or sides namely the Horde or the Alliance. After this you need to pick a race and the class in which you want to play. Such as warrior, hunter, priest, shaman etc. Another way for beginning is to buy a wow account on a safe website like farmer100.

It is a bit confusing at the start of race and the area in which you start depends upon the race you have chose (the same importance with the second way). In world of Warcraft - you will find people standing around or walking with exclamation points over their heads. If the color of the exclamation point is gray, it means that you have to return and can go back later and pick it. You can talk to the person when the color is gold, and they will give you a quest.

If you have questions related how to play the world of warcraft, you can find most of the answers on official website and forum. This game offers a good platform to interact with thousands of players around the world who come together to enjoy the game.

Join the world of warcraft now whether you want choose which way for beginning. It will give you a great game experience. My advice is choosing nice accounts wow with high level on farmer100. It is also the best choice for starting world of warcraft.

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