Sunday, October 14, 2012

Steps for Creating a F2P Strength Pure in Runescape

An F2P strength pure is one of the strongest offensive fighters in Runescape. It is a combination of your attack, strength, defense, range, prayer, magic and hit points. When you create a F2P strength runescape pure account, you will have a distinct advantage when fighting in the wild. Just follow these steps to learn how.

1. Acquire cash from your main runescape account. You will need between 500,000 thousand and one million dollars.
2. Get your full iron. You can get the iron platelegs and platebody from the shop at Varrock. Acquire the full helmet at the Barbarian Village, the kite-shield at Falador and the scimitars at Alkarid.
3. Dress in your full iron and your Scimitar. Go to the house of goblins north-west of the Tollgate. Gain five attack by killing goblins.
4. Put on your steel scimitar and kill goblins until you have 20 strength. Find the monastery on the map and kill the monks until you are at 25 attack.
5. Change into your mithril scimitar and kill additional monks until you have reached 40 strength, then go to the barbarian village and climb through the cave that leads to the Stronghold of Security. Go through the portal and reply to the questions you're asked.
6. Head to the minotaurs on level 13 and kill them until you have 40 attack, then put on your rune scimitar and kill additional minotaurs until you are over 60 strength. You are now an F2P strength pure in Runescape.

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    Upon maximizing the Strength skill, members can spend 99,000 coins at the Warriors' Guild to acquire the strength skillcape.