Monday, October 8, 2012

Avoiding account hacking / account scamming

Hacking and scamming is the worst thing that could happen you in RuneScape: You can lose one of your most valuable items because someone tricked you, or you could even lose your runescape account!
So, here's a guide that can help you from being hacked or scammed.
1.    Be sure to set your password recovery questions, and write them down a safe place.
2.    Do not tell your password! Do NOT tell anyone your password recovery questions!
3.    Make your password hard to guess - like "sk3wjdlm2764df"
4.    Don't use your Runescape password anywhere else than Some forums may pick up your password, and use it to log onto your RuneScape account!
5.    Watch out for fake websites:
Runescape cheat sites. There are no cheats to Runescape.
Runescape staff sites. Somone are making "secret" sites where you can be staff. They're fake.
Runescape "test servers". All newer releases of RuneScape will be announced on
6.    Don't use unofficial Runescape programs or addons.
7.    Don't use any auto-programs or "bots".
8.    Watch out for fake emails - Runescape will never email you!
9.    Players abusing Runescape staff - Runescape staff will never ask for your password!
10.  Do not share your account. Many players loose their accounts because their FRIENDS steals it!
11. Once you have decide to buy runescape account, change the password immediately!

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