Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Level Up the Defensive as a 1 ATT 1 STR Pure on "RuneScape"

When your character is a pure runescape account, you focus your training on certain combat skills that hold most relevant for successful combat, generally for the purpose of killing other players. Players who refrain from training Attack and Strength train only Defence and have a higher chance of defeating other "RuneScape" players with the same combat level. Because a player's combat level is generally rounded with equal amounts of Defence, Attack and Strength levels, a pure can appear weak, but deal large amounts of damage to the opponent.
1. Travel to Varrock and walk north to the Grand Exchange.
2. Purchase an Iron Dagger or Iron Scimitar. As of June 2011, the Grand Exchange market price of an Iron Dagger is 4 gp and 12 gp for an Iron Scimitar.
3. Withdraw your armour and food from your bank.
4. Equip your armour and wield the Iron Dagger or Iron Scimitar.
5. Travel to Lumbridge and walk east of the Lumbridge Castle. Cross the bridge.
6. Open your Combat interface and click "Block" to change your attack style. The Block attack style allows RS account to train only the Defence skill.
7. Kill Goblins to train your Defence level. You receive 30 Defence experience for each Goblin that you kill.

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  1. Choose a name for the account that won't give away that you are a Strength Pure. Otherwise, you'll be a target for other Pures.

    farmer100 alex