Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tips for earning gold with runescape character at level3

If you are a new person to RuneScape or just want buya runescape account, but wish to gain side skills on a Level 3 character, this is the article for you.

Train on low monsters and get your level up. It is nice to not be called a noob, and being a higher level (combat or other) can make the game more fun.

To ignore people that constantly bug you and call you a "noob", turn your public chat to off or friends. You can also do this for private chats as well. Do not claim rocks at mines and say your are the only person that can mine them because you will just be called a noob.

Most of these steps do not encounter monsters, so it is safe for a Level 3 user to enjoy and gain levels without getting hurt or killed.

If you are gaining skill levels for a Level 3 character, upgrade your necessities as soon as you can use them. It's an advantage of getting things more efficient than a lower item with your rs account.

If you have a large amount of something (e.g, 10k essence or 5k willows) go to world 1 (or 2 for members) and sell your items, as the lower numbered worlds are considered the marketplace of RuneScape.

Try selling all you get in the grand exchange in Varrock doesn't matter how many you have.

Head to the chicken coop and collect bones when you get an full inventory sell them at the G.E and make around 5k....... makes 100K an hour.
Chop down logs. when you get a full inventory sell at the G.E and make at least 5k.... 100k an hour (depends how fast you cut).
Complete Rune Mysteries and mine 1k rune essence and sell at G.E for 60-100k... 1h30 to 2 hours.
If you are incredibly lazy, a good way is to stand in front of the GE and say "Will dance for money" then do the dance emote. You do get a lot of hate, but some nice people give you free money. I've made about 10k every 30 minutes on a busy server this way.

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