Friday, October 12, 2012

How to Give Orders to the Void Troops in "The Void Stares Back" on "RuneScape"

"RuneScape" has a mini game called "Conquest" that appears a few times in different quests. It also makes an appearance toward the end of the quest called "The Void Stares Back." In this game you'll command Void Knights on what is essentially a large checkerboard in a battle with an enemy squad on the opposite side of the board. Different types of troops will have different skills, and it'll be up to you to use these skills effectively to win this mini game and move on to the final battle for this quest.
1. Play through the quest until you reach the "Conquest" mini game with your rs account. Each type of the character on the board has a different set of skills; for example, the mage and archers are good for long-distance attacks, while the champions and knights are better for close-range attacks.
2. Click on the troop that you would like to move and then click on "End Phase" under the "Turn Details" tab to begin moving that troop. Your troop will be in a yellow circle and will be surrounded by blue squares that indicate where he can move. Some troops have a wider movement range than others, and you can find out how far they can move by right-clicking on that troop and selecting "Details." Click on the blue square where you'd like to send the troop, and he'll move to that location.
3. Click on any enemy troop surrounded by a red square to attack them(Be careful if it is not a runescape pure account. The red square indicates that they are within attack range of one of your troops. It's possible to earn command points by defeating enemies, and once you have enough command points you can perform special attacks on the enemy troops. You get one movement and attack per turn. Click on "Turn Options" and select "End Turn" to give the enemy his turn.
4Right-click on the Knight Dorian at the start of the "Conquest" game and choose "Formation." An interface will appear that shows the starting positions of your troops. Hold down the left mouse button to drag any troops to different squares to change their starting positions and then click "Accept" when you're finished.

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