Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Play Runescape on Ipod Touch/ Iphone/ Itouch

I will teach you Runescape fans how to play Runescape on your iPhone iTouch iPod Touch with out the laggy VNC stuff when you need to open your computer, now there is an official app that allows you to play login in your RS account! FOR FREE!
On this topic
Have you ever wanted to play Runescape on you iPhone/ iPod Touch? Do not consider runescape accountsfor sell. Now you can and it is free, no jailbroken or anything, and it is not the VNC crap that is very laggy.
Computer (Methood 1 doing it on the computer, Scroll Down if you are doing it on your iPhone/ iPod Touch

On iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iTouch
Go to the App Store. And search for "Cloud Browse". Click the Download button next to the Title. It is free to download so don't worry.
When it is finish downloading and installing.
Open the app and it will open like a Safari.
How to type
On the bottom of the screen there is a row, there is a icon that looks like a keyboard.
Click it and a keyboard will pop up, when you finish typing click Done and the Keyboard is minimized.
Go to Google and search Runescape. (Easier then typing in the Link)
Go to the Runescape website,
Click on it and Click The "Play Now" Button.
Then it will load and take you to the Runescape Lobby.
Click Login Members or Free.
Then type in your account information.
Then Press Login! and BAM! there is Runescape on your iPod Touch/ iPhone.

Setting Up Your Runescape Setting
-For Less Lag Make your Runescape Screen "Set Screen" (Not full screen)
-And make it Low Details
-If you notice you can't right click so you will have to set it to one click.
(That is in your runescape setting and it is the mouse icon)
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