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What Do You Do After You Have Rune Essence?

The online role-playing game "RuneScape" features many raw materials that you must use to make the finished products that are required to train skills. Rune Essence is a blank rune stone that is required to train the Runecrafting skill. Unlike Pure Essence, Rune Essence is used to craft only low-level runes, including air, water, earth, fire, mind and body runes. Unlike runes, Rune Essence is not stackable, allowing you to hold only 28 Rune Essence in your runescape account inventory at a time.
Requirements of Rune Essence
Before you can use Rune Essence to craft runes, you must complete the Rune Mysteries quest, which is available to all players. There are no minimum requirements to complete the quest. To begin the Rune Mysteries quest, travel to Lumbridge and enter the Lumbridge Castle. Walk up the stairs, and speak to Duke Horacio. After completing the quest, you will receive one quest point and an Air Talisman and unlock the Runecrafting skill.
How to Obtain Rune Essence
You can mine Rune Essence at a Rune Essence Mine, which is accesssable through Aubury in the Varrock Magic Store and Sedridor in the basement of the Wizards' Tower. Aubury or Sedridor must teleport you to the mine. Mining Rune Essence reveals five Mining experience per essence, and you must use a pickaxe. Rune Essence is tradable on the Grand Exchange, with a limit of 25,000 essence every four hours. At the date of publication, the Grand Exchange market price of one Rune Essence is 17 gp.
Rune Essence vs. Pure Essence
Although both essences serve the same purpose, Pure Essence is generally used to create higher-level runes and can only be used by member players. If you are not a member, you must use Rune Essence to craft your runes. Member players can use Pure Essence to craft any type of rune, but Rune Essence is limited to low-level runes. Both Pure and Rune essence reveal five Mining experience per essence. Because Pure Essence is high in demand, the price of Pure Essence is significantly higher than Rune Essence, at 110 gp.
How to Use Rune Essence
After unlocking the Runecrafting skill, your character has the ability to create runes. At Level 1 Runecrafting, you can craft Air Runes at the Air Altar. To enter an altar, you must have the matching talisman in your inventory. Travel to Varrock; withdraw the Air Talisman and 27 Rune Essence. Walk southeast to the Air Altar's mysterious ruins, located just south of the Cooking Guild. Use your Air Talisman on the mysterious ruins to enter the altar. Walk north, and click the Air Altar. Your character binds the essence and crafts Air Runes. Click the portal to exit the altar and return to the bank to restock on essence. As your Runecrafting level progresses, you can craft higher-level runes. At Level 2, you can craft Mind Runes at the Mind Altar north of Falador. At Level 5, you can craft Water Runes at the Water Altar in the southwest corner of the Lumbridge Swamp. At Level 9, you can craft Earth Runes at the Earth Altar northeast of Varrock. At Level 14, you can craft Fire Runes at the Fire Altar northeast of Al Kharid. At Level 20, you can craft Body Runes at the Body Altar west of Gunnarsgrunn.
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  1. You use them for runecrafting. First you have to do the rune mysteries quest.
    after that, get an air talisman. click on it and click locate (or something like that) and it will tell you where to go to find an air temple. Go inside the air temple using the talisman, then go to the alter and click on it. It will turn your rune essence into air runes. the higher your runecrafting becomes. the more air runes you can make from essence
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