Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Become a Mage Pure on Runescape

The purpose of a Mage Pure in Runescape is to build your magic level without gaining in other areas like Hit Points or Combat Level. Becoming a Mage Pure runescape account can be a tedious, but helps you get money and kill others quickly, which are both good things in Runescape.
1Decide if you want to be a member. Some people feel that being a member doesn't really help you become a Mage Pure faster.
2. Get 1,000 mind runes and 1,000 chaos runes. Suit up in full armor and then head to the wizard's tower, south of Draynor Village. Using the armor keeps your Hit Points low.
3. Climb to the top floor and find the lesser demon in the cage. Telekinetic runes work to fetch any run meds dropped by the lesser demon. Pull out all your runes and build your magic. Starting with 1,000 mind runes and 1,000 chaos runes allows you to gain level 36 magic.
4. Teleport to the same spot over and over with law runes. You gain magic without increasing your Hit Points. Train until your magic level reaches 55.
5. Purchase Yew Long Bows and use High Alchemy spells on them. This continues to boost your magic level.
6. Buy items to help you like mage robes, amulet of magic, a cape, an anti-dragon fire shield and a staff from Zaff. When you use a staff, set the attack style to crush, not focus, to attack without gaining defense levels.
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  1. farmer100 faq
    Avoid "power leveling", ie., using high alchemy. This will only train your magic skill, but not your hitpoints. In a battle, you will have a high combat level but very low hitpoints.