Friday, September 25, 2015

a FFXII remake

Wait wait wait. Does this mean a FFXII remake? Please say yes. I have a mighty need. Considering the mistakes and how disappointed people were with the 7,8,9 set, I'm not sure if I want to get this one Buy FFXIV Gil .Even though 10 has a special meaning for me (Suteki Da Ne is my wedding song). Yeah it didn't look as nice as expected.... Don't really like prima guides much they always seem cheap like the pages even feel like tissue paper and just turning  it could tear it. Piggyback do a way better job layout and all.

YOU DONT MAKE SENSE! IS THERE A REMASTER COMING OUT OF NOWHERE OR ARE YOU JUST RELEASING A X/X-2/XII BOX SET. It's just the box sets for the stragety guides. Wonder why SE and Prima are releasing a guide for FF12... Anyway, throwing money at them now.  I loved 12. A completely different experience for me. Never did beat 12 but I really liked it guess when it is on ps3 FFXIV Gil I'll get to I hope. I would love to buy this but my wallet 100% says nooooooo. Do people not know how to use google? :S No need for guides, just want FFXII HD the game. Wait this link compares two shots for FFXII and lists one as HD..... was this a mistake?  It,s like the devil,s killing people & we r still waiting for our turn to attack! How stupid is that! Here's a crazy thought. XII HD??? Do half the people commenting even realise these are guides? I don't see how prima publishing some new guides changes what square are developing.......

so... every couple of months you guys are going to re-release ff10? wtf square. I spent over 150 hrs to get all the crafting items and every armor on XII and four hours just to beat Yiazmat which I tried more than ten times, I love 12 plz do a rm for PS4 tbh FF7 was the only reason I bought one lol. Gotta love the comments, these are strategy guides NOT the games. Okay but where is my FFXII HD/remake?? 12 was pretty crap anyway lol only decent thing was the battle system and hunts. Still better than 13 though. No Thx Square. Steam Needs Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Hd Full control support. Did anyone else feel hopelessly depressed when you realized they weren't making a remastered xii? Square are getting far to greedy for my liking. Will they be cheap asses like they were when they released the box sets of vii,vio,ix.

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