Monday, August 31, 2015

ffxiv free company raspberry fraternity

 I love these event Thank you so much for Buy FFXIV Gils these game grin emoticon keep up the good work everyone! Thanks for a awsome game! Also..when you find that Doomtrain minion...add it in game for us please! upset emoticon .  Special minions, eh? Guess I'll be logging on... The best ever side quest! Thank you Naoki Yoshida for bringing the joy to this game! This was a sweet and really kind event. I know you guys are appreciative of us players, but we're just as appreciative for you making such an amazing and fun game. This is my favorite event yet, a beautiful way to thank each and every player.  Vendor is uldah 10,9 ruby road place. Selling the reborn red fireworks and heavens cracker. A little ways up is the quest to get your minions.

Zalera server: free company raspberry fraternity.  Thank you keep up great work the event made me a it teary at the end. They would love to FFXIV Gil, but it's Microsoft that refuses to allow xboxlive to play with playstation players or not be needing xboxlive gold to play etc. Shame really but not something square enix can do about it.  It's really stupid hopefully they'll pull their heads out at some point lol.  It was a really fun event and it was nice "meeting" the FFXIV team! Great job and keep up the good work! So there is just the three items right? The two minions and the party hat? It's def. not a hat, but you can also get special fireworks and real reborn red from a vendor. And what actually happens in the event is really really neat.

Know where the vendor is? Just started a Free Company in Ultras. I'm level 53, but majority of my members are 30 and below. Anyone looking for an FC you can find us in the Lodestone. Such an awesome event. I looked all over for the missing doom train. I am on to the different minions appearing at certain times. Where is that train?? Did someone say new minions?

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