Wednesday, July 29, 2015

summonable NPCs from around Vana'diel

The level cap missions turned me away from this game. Couldn't complete the dragoon one FFXIV Gils. You mean the quest to open it up? At this point, you'd be able to solo em. They did a -lot- of quality-of-life changes after Abyssea.

If you had trouble with the Maat fight, it took me four tries on Dragoon to beat him (brought really good gear and a crap load of healing items that I made a macro for). Once you get to the level 70 limit break, outside of the Maat fight, up until the final break to 99 the quests are soloable.

And the fight to 99 can easily be duoed with a higher level player and trust magic alter egos (summonable NPCs from around Vana'diel) and an olde rarab tail. Before that you just need a friend willing to help you with the tasks because of high level monsters (compared to what level you are during the break quest). A lot of old stuff like that is much easier to do now *and* easier to solo especially with the help of trusts. And the bright side is, you are only required to do the breaks once. Any job after that you can take straight through to 99.

Hated canceling my account but it had to be done. Regrettably buy cheap FFXIV Gil , they aren't going to be able to develop any new platforms for FFXI either- they've run out of the PS-era dev kits used to make content, which is why it'll effectively go into stasis after that point. FFXIV doesn't have that problem- so for your MMORPG FF fix, that's the only possible option. (Note: If someone finds a stash of those squirreled away and gets them to S-E, you're a god amidst men.). Any Pandemonium server players left ? Vana'diel is waiting for me!!!!

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