Monday, September 3, 2012

Which is the best pet for hunter in world of warcraft cataclysm

For most hunters in world of warcraft, their choices of bets are based on what buffs they need to raid. But in my opinion, all the given pets do the same DPS, and base damage as well.
The differences between pets damage are their talents and abilities.. Hunter pets have special abilities,such as stuns and roots. But these special abilities cannot bring extra damage to monsters. Before you choose a pet for your hunter character, you should consider an important factor that every pet will do the same damage as other ferocity pet . 
There are some pets featuring of cunning and ferocity. These ferocious pets have accesses to Spider's Bite pet , and give them extra 9% crit chance. However, for cunning pets, they have a handful of abilities to boost DPS. The difference between these two kinds of pets is minimal. Cunning pet is doing more DPS for MM and SV hunters, while ferocious pet is better at BM .
There is a good hunter in raids. In teams, you should care the whole benefits rather than your own personally. Maybe you can measure which hunter pet you can choose from the list of pet buffs.
If you are in a raid of 10-player, you'd better choose between some possible raid buffs. Buffs depend on your team comprising and performance. Figure out what buff will benefit your team the most.
If you are in a raid of 10-player, you spend most of time burning though trash.So your choose would be a little difference from the above raids, as you are running in dungeons. You have to concentrate on pets who bring buffs in this kind of team. It makes the spirit beasts and devils at your top options.
You must be interested in spirit beast. It is an unique category of world of warcraft hunter pets which was introduced in the wrath of the lich king expansion. Spirit beasts are extremely difficult to tame and find. Most of them are quest spawns, so hunters have to wait them out and tame them. As a result, they all have very unique skin.
It is also the best pet for those players solo in wow accounts . The most important factors you should consider are the tanking abilities, and the hunter buffs of the spirit beasts.

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