Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to kill Jad without a fight

Here is an article about sharing playing runescape experience, which was written by a player who has rs account in high level. Reprinted from Vaskor
I am still alive, I just went undercover for a while. Almost literally. Anyway, I kept playing Runescape on a fairly regular basis, but didn't do much on the site or (obviously) in this blog. I am not sure if I am ready to come back to regular writing, but today was a special occasion - I finally killed Jad!
I tried to do it time and again for years, but to no avail. Supplies weren't an issue and I learned how to switch prayers without loosing concentration, but as soon as healers would appear - boom, boom and I was dead. I read guides and watched videos, I even tried to tank Jad with turmoil and vengeance, but it didn't work either.
Finally I bumped into the solution. Somewhere in the middle of RS Wiki article about Jad I saw this: "In fact, it is possible to kill TzTok-Jad using only deflect curses. The damage that is deflected back to him does not count as the player's damage, which means that the healers will not be summoned when he is at half health." OMG!!! It is possible to kill Jad without having to deal with healers! I couldn't believe my eyes, but I did try this approach and... it worked. After about 8-9 minutes stand-off Jad killed itself - the only thing I had to do was to watch Jad's attacks, switch prayers and take an occasional sip of prayer restore potion.
So if you are still on a quest to kill Jad and have similar problems, give this method a try! May be you will be interested in how to kill Jad without a fight in the game, and you need a nice runescape account for sale to begin your game at once.

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