Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What is the Best Way to Make Gold as a Hunter?

Hunters in world of warcraft perform crowed control, pilling, thread redirection and primarily ranged damage. They can track and train animals in the wild. And all their pets are well-trained. However, its damage mitigation is poorer than other classes. A hunter only has automatic attack and raptor strike in a melee. Do you know hunter is a profitable skill to earn gold in world of warcraft? Here I will say something about how to make gold at different levels.

You should know something about the way in which each character gets gold at first. Although making gold is not such an interesting thing in the game, you have to get as much as gold if you want to buy another special equipment.

1. Finishing quests. If you're at high levels, finishing daily quests is a fast way to obtain reward with a lot of gold. But you can only do 25 quests every day, and most of them can be done individually.

2. Farm Motes and Primals. They are used in different kinds of high-level crafts. There are 7 types of Motes: Earth, Mana, Shadow, Water, Life, Fire and Air. And there are some ways to produce motes. Fire comes from Fire Elements and Earth can be collected by using mining skill. You might come across competitions in some places with good drop-rates.

3. Using gathering, disenchanting and crafting.You can use these skills to gather gold in your wow account . They are able to make considerable incomes in a short time.

Then ,what is the best way to make gold as a hunter? Hunters can attack creatures in distance, and also have the power to go to Nagrand in which the Spirit Fields is located. The Voidspawn can drop Oshu’gun Crystal Powder. Do not forget to loot green items, because it can be sold or disenchanted at the auction house for gold.

There is a specific place to make gold for hunters. You can head on to the Blade’s Edge Mountain where the Skald is located. It is Searing Elemental that drops Mote of Fire here.You can attack them.Then you can turn 10 Mote of Fire into a Primal Fire which costs nearly 30 gold.

Another place is the Shadowmoon Valley. You can get Mote of Fire from the Enrage Fire Spirit . But only hunters at level 70 can attack the Enrage Fire Spirit.

Gold is vital to your characters in world of warcraft, as if you want them to be well-equipped.If you would like to get gold as much as possible,just go to farmer100 .

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