Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kill Queen with One Omega Egg

Here is an article reprinted from Vaskor which was about killing queen with just a omega egg in runescape.
It's funny how little is needed to give an incentive to train a particular skill with runescapeaccounts. I've been shying away from training Agility for several years, then Jagex released auras, I chose Surefooted and suddenly found myself doing frequent 20 mins runs on the advanced Gnome Course and my Agility jumping from 81 to nearly 85. But that's not the topic I wanted to talk about.
I've been using Penance master horn when training Agility, so, naturally, I had to mix my 20 mins runs with Barbarian Assault games in order to refill the horn. This is my favorite Runescape minigame - no complains there :) I love it. Barbarian Assault is simply the best way to make new friends in Runescape.
There is just one thing that frequently tarnishes it: Barbarian Assault Myths...
The biggest culprit is the myth about the egg launcher. You know it: "don't shoot!!! we'll all loose points" and it's variation "don't shoot!!! I won't get as many points as I could for my role". Of course, both statements are completely false. No one looses or misses any points because of other players using cannon to kill penance creatures. But the myth persists and people loose their tempers because of it, name calling ensues and teams fall apart.
I think I got used to it, though. It seems like this myth won't disappear no matter what...
But now a new destructive myth appeared and I am worried about it having bad impact on the game: people insist on trying to kill the Queen with just one omega egg. It's actually not a myth, it's a glitch in the game which is possible to exploit. I found one video where it is shown, see here if you are interested. In a nutshell, it is possible (or used to be possible, I don't know if Jagex already fixed it or not) to load the cannot with some normal eggs, then everybody opens shooting interface and starts spam-clicking on the empty omega egg slot. Then the collector loads just one egg and boom, it goes multiple times, the queen is dead.
I actually don't care that much about this glitch. If it works it presumably saves a minute of the game time, who cares! What I care about is the fact that people start to force their teammates to try it. It is not very easy to do with spam-clicking and all that, so it NEVER works the first time! What happens next is just as bad as it is repetitive. The person who wants to exploit the glitch insists on trying again and the rest of the team begs him to forget about it and kill the Queen in a normal way. It goes on for a while (5-10 mins!!!), sometimes another unsuccessful attempt follows, finally, names are being called and someone quits the game. In short, I have yet to seen a Queen killed when someone mentions trying this "one omega egg glitch". Brrr...
So yeah, if that happens to you, my advice would be to run! As soon as the glitch is mentioned, quit the game and look for another team. Seriously. You'll save yourself 30 mins and spare the rest of the team from a nasty exchange.
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