Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sell world of warcraft accounts

As the releasing of mists of pandaria, more and more MMORPG fans will join in the world of wracraft. And most wow players who have quit from it will recover their account to experience the new expansion. They want to challenge themselves again. But there is still a contradiction about how to choosing characters, old character or pandaren for new experience? Pandaren is the first neutral race in wow. In my opinion, old wow players can sell their world of warcraft accounts and create a new account to play the game with new race, new pets and mounts.

If your purpose of selling wow account is just obtaining money in reality, please do not make changes to account information, even you will generate a thought of playing high level account again. If you try to duck your buyers by trying to be anonymous, then they will not trust you any more.  No one wants to be an uncountable person. S Some new players will not change the information until they get the account.

If you have sold an account and have other accounts at your hand, be aware of the following tips. If you sold it to a player or a website, the original registration and payment details might could be connected to your other accounts. If your account buyer is a ban risk, you had better use unique registration information for all of your new accounts.

It is to be noted that most wow accounts are equipped with all the information upon request. This information can encompass CD keys, email addresses, secret words and full names on the account, birthdates, all passwords and so on. When we use network  which involves a lot of personal information, no matter how careful you are, it can not be overstated.

There are some files you can delete in world of warcraft before selling world of warcraft accountsSuch as WTF Folder, cache folders and Interface Folder. WTF Folder contains files of video and character setting options for the game. Cache Folders contains two cache folders -- one is in the "World of Warcraft" directory and the other is in "World of Warcraft\Data."  And the "Interface" folder contains add-on files.

There are some companies who will help you all the way selling your wow account, you can get the best price on farmer100. If your world of warcraftaccounts did not have reached at level85, you can also put it into some selling sites to look for chance.

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