Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Enjoy Fun With Your World of Warcraft Accounts

World of warcraft is not only a "smart"game, but also a "substantial food "for thought.There are something you must know if you want enjoy yourself with your world of warcraft account.

Combating is the main action in the game with your wow accounts . The colors on a Mob indicates the difficulty of it. Gray means you have not enough experience to kill , and Red is the hardest. Mobs with question mark will hurt you, so you should run away from it as soon as possible.

The Auction is an important place to find what you want and make money . You can sell and buy recipes, armor, weapons, and exchange goods. In the auction house, there is an option to filter different words, which can be used to search specific items. All auction houses in the world of warcraft are linked, players can go any one to buy the same object he wants.

Chatting is often easily neglected by a lot of new wow players.Players can post any item status into channel. It brings the items up in the chat channel and they can be clicked on for a description. Use the /ignore {username} command to neglected any noisy sound. And if you want to chat to the last person who have communicate with you, just typing /r  button.

Every wow player will experience death with their wowaccounts , whether you are a game expert or not. Characters at low level using a spirit healer to resurrect themselves, only give them a small amount of resurrection sickness. You have to run to the place where you died, when you need a resurrection . However, when you die immediately,you need return to your corpse .
World of warcraft is more like a charming mist world if you have mastered all the skills .

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