Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quest is One of the Most Important Factors in World of Warcraft

Quests in world of warcraft are tasks given to a role. And there are different rewards when you finish different kinds of quests given by NPC. You can get experience when you are still in low levels, but you can get more gold instead of experience once you reach high levels. Most of quests give you reputation in the same faction.
The initial wow design had only 100 alliance quests, 100 horde quests and 100 neutral quests in the whole game. But there are currently more than 9,500 quests in the game.
Most of the time, quests will reward you as much experience as the Mobs you fight when you finished it. If you want to update level quickly, finishing quests are the best way . Certainly, you can not doing quests more than 25 every day.
Your character quests will be colored in a log according to different difficulties. The most difficult quest is colored red while gray means an easy quest. Some quests need a team to complete together, in other words, you can not finish it all by yourself. In addition, you will need some backup as it is a harder quest that is going to fight with a boss.
Please remember that you can not continue to accept a new quest if you don’t have enough place in your character inventory for rewards. Make sure that you have enough room to accept all the possible items given as a reward for a quest before you plan to finish it.
NPC’s are not the only choice that provides quests. Check out wanted posters, items and terrain features, as they all have the chance of release some quests to your character in the game.
Mobs with yellow exclamation point indicate that they can provide a quest. Mobs with a silver exclamation point indicate that their quests are not available right now. At last, those mobs with a question mark indicate you can talk with them to get a quest.
Try to finish all the quests before reaching to a high level area, as you will meet some new quests which have to be finished in different maps at that time. You can still finish the original quest, but items and achievements you received will be  much lower than your current level. XP will be much less helpful.
I like finishing as many quests as possible when I begin playing my wow account but it's boring when you are in a higher level. However, if you plan to buyworld of warcraft account of higher levels, you can choose to finish quests to earn more gold.

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