Monday, September 3, 2012

Four great mounts in world of warcraft

Mount is a transportation toll that players ride at the backs of various exotic beasts. Mounted travel is faster than running at any time in world of warcraft.Mounts  include flying mounts and running mounts. Would you still remember your mount when you buy world of warcraft accounts?

Mounts were traded with gold in high price, but some mounts do not cost any currencies and drop at low rates from bosses in situations. There are a lot of methods to obtain mounts, such as completing achievements, class quests, and playing the Trading Card Game. Here I will list some of great mounts in world of warcraft.

Rivendare's Charger is the undead horse ridden by Baron Rivendare at the end of Stratholme. Now, virtually every class is able to solo the Stratholme and Blizzar . And they could decided to increase the drop amount of them.

Swift Spectral Tiger is a cool epic mount in the game as well. It is only obtainable through the World of Warcraft Customable Card Game. You have to buy it if you want . It is actually very cool and ghostly !

The Amani War Bear is a cool mount, but it is no longer obtainable. It was awarded to gamer who managed to finish a timed event in Zulaman. It started to drop from the height of coolness after The Burning Crusade was out. I always want to get it,but there is no chance for me any longer.

Headless Horseman's Mount is the greatest horse which scales with your riding skill. You can fly with the horse in the Outlands and Northend if you have learned how to ride flying mounts.
The only way for you to obtain it is during the Hallow's End festival.

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