Thursday, September 27, 2012

Play Runescape in your own way

1. After you finish the required introductory tasks, start your existence in runescape without help from the game!
2. While there is no set thing to do, there are things you can do that would benefit you more. To start, go to Bob's axes (south of Lumbridge Castle) and take a free bronze hatchet and bronze pickaxe. Find some level 2 goblins north or east of Lumbridge and begin the "killing process." The hatchet is recommended, but you can use the pickaxe and still have a good effect. If you set the hatchet to "Chop" you level attack. "Slash" levels strength and "Block" levels defense.
3. Health always goes down. After fighting for a few minutes, your health begins to drop and drop. If your health is below 15, STOP FIGHTING! Turn on the run button in the top right and run away to a safer place with no enemies. As you level up, you are less prone to taking damage and become slowly stronger. The one way to heal yourself the fastest: food. This is where the next four skills will come into play.
4. Chopping trees with woodcutting. To start the healing process with food, use your hatchet once again to chop down a tree. You only need one tree, but cut two in case your first fire burns out. Make sure it's a regular tree or a dead tree only. You need a woodcutting level of 15 to cut oak trees, so you can only cut regular trees for a while.
5. Fishing in RuneScape. To fish, first go to the fishing store in Lumbridge and take a free sample for a crayfish cage. Go behind the church to find spots for "crayfishing." Catch about 10 crayfish and walk away from the river.
6. Making fire. Fire is a lot less dangerous in RuneScape. It may take a while the first few times. To start, grab a free sample for a tinderbox from the Lumbridge General Store. Come back and click on the tinderbox in your inventory and then click on the logs to light a fire.
7. Cooking the fish. By now, your health may be (almost) full. This is alright, but you are still learning to fish, cut, burn and cook. Click on the raw crayfish and then click on the fire. You will most likely burn at least forty percent of your crayfish.
8. Eat the shrimp. Head back to the goblins and train on those until you think you are ready to fight cows or you get 15 or below health if you get 15 or below health then go back and repeat steps 5-7 and train until you are comfortable
9. Go to cows and train on them. If you are level 5 or lower, you will need to go back for food often so it is not recommended. Train and pick up cowhides as these sell for high prices and bury bones. DO not sell the cowhide until you have about maybe 200-300 of them. After you have 200 cowhide you will have a good solid 20-50k gp. Congratulations! You have reached your first 20-50k gp! Sell your cowhide at the Grand Exchange, which is North-West of Varrock West Bank and North-East of Barbarian Village.
10. Now if you think you are ready go to Al-Kharid... Pay 10 gp by keeping the coins you earned from cowhides by selling it on G.E with your rsaccount. (Grand Exchange north of Varrock) or just simply walk around the other way. Fight Al-Kharid warriors, who can be found in the palace. The only bad thing is there are really no fishing spots and going around is just plain boring so lots of GP is recommended just in case.
11. Do you feel like you need to be more defended? Sell your cowhides and get armour according to your defence level (bronze 1, etc). If you were training on cows for a long time, then you might be looking towards into buying feathers or food. Make sure you still have at least 10 gp left to go through the gate. Leather Armor can also be effective-if you have the required crafting level.
12. Start Questing. This can get you Xp, Coins or items. A good one to start with is "Cook's Assistant". if you get stuck on it just go to a help site or go onto the RuneScape quest help page.
13. Your first 100K. Note that gaining 100k as a noob AND a f2p can become extremely challenging.
14. Never ever trust anyone who asks for your email, if anyone wants you to follow them and get a load of expensive armour and coins.......DON'T they will kill you and then steal your stuff so be warned. The safety way to get what you want is buy runescape account with armour and gold on safety site.

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