Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Get some tips before buying world of warcraft accounts

World of warcraft is a complicate role-play game if you didn’t have a try ever before. There are some tips you must know before buying a wow account.

First, make a full use of the city guards.City guards are those NPC in level75 standing in front of the city. A lot of players prefer asking for directions in the hub cities, but it will clog up the general chat channels. So, Blizzard has come up that players can ask a city guard for directions.Besides directions, they tell you other things in the city. You can find a little flag in mini-map when you ask the city guard.

Second, the Quest Log can hold 25 quests at a time. There was a limit of 20 quests at the initial release of wow, but with the release of Burning Crusade and the 2.0 patch, the limit was changed to 25. Read your Quest Journal. You can click the "L" key to open your quest journal. And then check all the information you need to solve. It will be better for you to check quests frequently if you are cluttering up the general chat channel. Every quest journal has directions which makes map quest looks vaguely.

Third, you don't have to follow quest lines for your own race. It is a misconception for new players that quests are restricted by their race. If you're playing a Tauren, you must take the "Tauren" quests when you start.In fact, Players can take any level-appropriate quest no matter which race they choose.

Forth, every trade skill in wow is complete. There are 14 trade skills that the role of your wow accounts can choose to train. But players can only learn only two professional trade skills. Be aware that except for Enchanting and Tailoring, every trade skill has gathering skill and crafting skill. Be sure you have selected the appropriate trade skills, otherwise you can not buy raw materials at auction to finish items.

Fifth, Control your Pets in the game. Some special pets need a lot of currencies to buy. You can treat them as tools for special purpose.Attacking indiscriminately draws the attention of monster when you are attacking a boss with your team friends.

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