Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Playing World of Warcraft Makes You Smarter

World of warcraft is not just a MMO game that kills your spare time and energy, but also makes you smarter by improving the reaction ability of the old .

Researchers gathered in Boston to attend the American Psychological Association convention,and they had provided several studies suggest that those video games should be powerful learning tools.The actual reason is that they make people smarter.

Anne McLaughlin and Jason Allaire had run an experiment to test  how playing the  game improves cognitive ability of adults. They asked some aged people to play wow for 2 hours a day, and took a cognitive examination after two weeks. The other group  didn't play the game at all as a comparison. According to the report ,we fund a  significant improvement of people in the first group, both in thinking mode and reaction ability.

World of warcraft is the best choice for experiment as a cognitively complex game.  Experts maintain that it is the best way for the old to exercise and improve their cognitive abilities. None of the participants in the experiment has ever had a wow account before, but most of them were interested in the game.They began to play the game after the study.

The funding is issued by the National Science Foundation. Naturally,it is not a  promotion of Blizzard.By the way ,world of warcraft indeed is a wild ranged game,but we must make a good arrangement of our precious time.
Why not to buy a world of warcraft account? Just have a try and enjoy the splendid charm.Oh ,the most important treasure is that when you are old, you are smarter than others.

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