Monday, September 17, 2012

Valuable Fragments of Alchemist's Amulets are Up for Grabs

Yelps is opening the doors of his alchemist's lab for this weekend only, and valuable fragments of alchemist's amulets are up for grabs!
From 00:00 (GMT) on Friday the 7th of September until 23:59 (GMT) on Monday the 10th of September, alchemist's amulet fragments can be won in Common slots on the Squeal of Fortune.
At any point, you can transform your fragments into an alchemist's amulet. Using just one will grant you 10,000 gold coins and a cosmetic alchemist's amulet. Each additional fragment you use when creating the amulet will double this amount (up to 10 per amulet), so use your runescape account collect as many as you can before you transform them:
1 fragment    10,000
2 fragments   20,000
3 fragments   40,000
4 fragments   80,000
5 fragments   160,000
6 fragments   320,000
7 fragments   640,000
8 fragments   1,280,000
9 fragments   2,560,000
10 fragments        5,120,000
Combining and then transforming 10 fragments will bag you a huge 5,120,000 gold coins! What's more, it'll also yield a charged alchemist's amulet, which will grant you 10 casts of the High-Level Alchemy spell per day, for free!
Remember that members currently get four spins per day, so subscribing is a great way to maximise your chances to win. Check out our wiki page for other ways to get more spins.
For full details of how the alchemist's amulet works, take a look at our FAQ.

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