Sunday, September 2, 2012

Avoid accounts wow being hacked

As a world of warcraft player for years, you must care about the safety of accountswow. What most wow player worry about is that hackers attack their wow account by guessing password. 
We cannot absolutely control a computer connecting with internet. Your PC can be detected by hackers if the connection is not that secure. Almost every computer will installs a firewall on computer to avoid virus risk. What is the most safety ways to prevent being hacked?
You should know the basic rules. Don’t give others access to your world of warcraft account. Use numbers and symbols as well as letters to make your password complicate to guess. Don’t reuse passwords across a lot of other accounts. Never follow a link from an e-mail to a strange website or URL that looks like an enterance of your account information.  
Even if you’re not a professional player, you would better use an authenticator. Because that once your wow account gets hacked, the first things that the hacker will do is add one to your account and lock you out. It forces you to prove your identity to Blizzard customer service.
Setting up an authenticator could be a little hard for you. You should enter a code by the website once you downloaded it. And Blizzard will also ask you to enter the code displayed on your screen before they give the access, which changes every 30 seconds. The code is unique to your login and can be used for once. Certainly, you can remove the authenticator from world of warcraft account at any time you want.
It is difficult to ensure your wow account security, which is where the Blizzard Authenticator comes in. However, wow authenticator is just a mathematical equation, it can not prevent accounts wow being hacked. You may have heard of some complaints from authenticator owner who has been hacked. The problem of being hacked is not how much private information of account wow you have leaked. The really serious is who have seen your private information.
You’re surely at risk if you have downloaded a hack program or other morally dubious apps to play world of warcraft game. But most of wow players need the help of these programs. In my opinion, you need dedicated anti-virus software working with your computer like commercial packages from McAfee. If you end up switching your anti-virus on a regular basis as it slows down your games, look for a better resource management, like Sunbelt’s VIPRE.

If you don't want to play world of warcraft any more, it is better for you selling world of warcraftaccount. It is the best way to "protect" wow account, and you will not need to worry your account be hacked, isn't it?

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