Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Recover Your Runescape Account

First Step: Finding the username
1. Go to
2. Using the WayBack time machine , go to
3. Go to about 2001-2003. When you get to the page, go to runescape(probably classic)
4. Once your their, go to the Highscores. You will see the highscore's, of all of the old runescape account's. This is a valuable resource for finding old usernames. Here's an example of one of the page's.

Second Step: Finding information on the username
1. Go to
2. Click on username, and search the username that you are trying to find information on.
3. Look through web document's, and personal profile's. If you see ANYTHING that has runescape related to your username, you've hit the jackpot.
4. Use that information that you've found, for your recovery. If it said where that person live's, then google that location, for a zipcode. Keep all this information handy, when recovering the rs account.

Third Step: Starting the Recovery
1. Go to
2. Go to account management, and click recover lost password.
3. Put your username that your trying to recover in, and in the second screen, put recover manually.
4. DO NOT put your email in for tracking purposes. Jagex may flag your email address after a couple of recoverie's, and all your recoverie's will just be denied.

Fourth Step: Recovery Questions
1. If the recovery question's are the default recoverie's, with no question's, then just tick the box "I have not set any recoveries".
2. IF their are recoverie's, answer them to your best ability if possible. If they ask, Where do you live? You can most likely get this from the research you did on If it ask's favorite color, take a guess. And, if it ask's favorite vacation, put Florida.

Fifth Step: Membership Details
1. This is easy, just put paypal, around january-may 2002, and 1month recurring when you buy runescape account.
2. The reason for this, is because paypal came out in late 2001, early 2002, and it was very popular for online purchases.

Sixth Step: Previous Passwords
1. Previous password's has got to be the hardest, yet most important part. For the first password, if you had found out either the player's last name, or where he live's, put that in the first password.
2. For the second password, put either killer,qwerty1234,123456,or password.
3. For the last password, put, iforgotit

Seventh Step: Contact Details
1. If you managed to find the zipcode of the player, from using and searching his location via , then put the player's zipcode in this box.
2. If you DIDN'T manage to find the zipcode, then just put 10259.
3. For the email address, ONLY fill this out if you found his email via , if you aren't for sure that you found his email address, do not fill this box out. It's not that important.

Eight Step: New Password
1. Just fill out the password you want the account to be changed to.

Ninth Step: Creation Details
1. This is one of the MOST important aspect's of the recovery.
2. Usually, if the player does not show up on highscore's, then that mean's he was just a runescape classic player. If this is the case, put any month between April-December, year 2001.
3. If you got the name from a 2002 highscore's, then put October-December, 2001.

Tenth Step: Internet Provider
1. If the are from USA, then put AOL for the internet Provider.
2. If their from Sweden, put Pirate-Bay.
3. If they are from UK, Australia, or any other country, just search for that countrie's most popular ISP(Internet Service Provider).

Eleventh Step: Moved houses
1. This box is totally optional, but it seem's to me that your recovery work's better when you fill this out.
2. Put December, 2010 for your move date.

Last Step: Extra Information
1. Their is many different thing's you can say for extra information, below are some example's, from most effective to least effective.


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