Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What lead to farmer100 complaints?

If you are a MMO game fan, you must be familiar with world of warcraft and runescape. They are also my favorite games. You know, World of Warcraft is so attractive with various characters, good 3D visions, rich environment and other interesting contents. Runescape is famous for plenty of quests.

However, the higher level you reach, the higher functions and more awesome quests you can enjoy. Due to less time and money spent on game-play, many gamers choose online shops to meet their items demand, such as wow account, rs account, rs gold and so on. In this case, I recommend you farmer100, as it is one of the biggest game shops online.

When you are shopping on rs farmer100, on the hand, you can share your own thoughts, get game guides, and achieve cheap game items. On the other hand, sometimes you may be not very satisfied with farmer100 service. To be honest, farmer100 complaints is unavoidable.

There are many reasons can cause farmer100complaints. First, delivery delayed. Because farmer100 do not offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online service. If the customer make an order when farmers are offline, then farmer100 can not deliver the items in time. Sometimes, the customers provides wrong order information such as invalid email address or phone no., so farmer100 can not arrange a delivery in time. Also, some customers pay for the item by using an unverified pay-pal account, in this case farmer100 do not think of the payment is safe enough, so it can not deliver the item to the buyer immediately. Second, items problems. For example, the game accounts which bought from farmer100 are locked by Game Manager. Or the item delivered is not the same one he had ordered before…

It is very important to find reasons. Only in this way can we promote service to customers. As a customer, you can also try to post your questions to farmer100 live chat, and most complaints can be avoidable by communicating. More information about farmer100livechat, go to see farmer100 reviews.

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