Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome to Farmer100 safe Runescape online shop

Welcome to Farmer100 safe Runescape online shop

Welcome to Farmer100 safe Runescape online shop where you can buy Runescape gold, items, accounts, quests and power leveling. To place an order, simply and quickly here. Pay with PayPal, Western Union and Money bookers. For gold and item orders we will collect you Runescape character name during checkout. Once payment is completed and confirmed you must contact our Farmer100 live chat help to arrange in-game delivery of gold and items. Runescape gold and items will be delivered to your specified Runescape character via in-game trade at an in-game location specified by the live help. Gold can be delivered immediately after purchase whereas items may require an allocation time of up to 30 minutes before they can be delivered. Your collected Runescape character name will remain strictly confidential and won't be disclosed to any third parties. And for the record, we will never message your character in-game. We will only communicate with you via live help and email. It is safest that way and safety is our hallmark.

Farmer100 also offers free Runescape Guides. It's all the Runescape help you will ever need. Don't forget to read our Farmer100 review. You can read such as is farmer100 legit, how to buy accounts without hack and so on.

We have put together a professional customer support team, and this is good news for all our customers. Now you can get attended to 24/7 here at Farmer100 live chat. No more waiting or checking if Farmer100 legit are online. Now its st and good service whenever you need it – just at it should be. Its a great time to be playing Runescape. Make the maximum out of it with Farmer100 help!

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