Monday, November 19, 2012

RS Farmer100 General Terms of Power-leveling Service

RS Farmer100 General Terms of Power-leveling Service

RS Farmer100 General Terms of Service Power-leveling in runescape

RS farmer100 have the terms of power-leveling when players choosing this service. The farmer100 runescape professional players which called leveler must conduct himself (they are almost men) in a professional way and follow a strict conduct and communication policy.

As professional players, there are some things that they can not do when grinding. First, the leveling character character can not be used to harass, steal, grief or involve itself in anything improper thing that will influence the reputation of customer’s character. Second, All power-leveling sales are private and confidental on rs farmer100. Second, Customer is fully responsible for their existing character's belongings, but levelers will work their best to take care of the account and see it safely through the leveling process. Third, farmer100 runescape levelers should never use programs or macros that put customers’ accounts at risk while leveling. Last but most important, all accounts are leveled by well trained professionals levelers who are trust worthy and efficient. Farmer100 will never misuse players’ characters for their own interest.

By the same token, there are some terms that customers should comply with.

Players should understand that it will extend the duration of the power-leveling service and compensation requests by requesting play-time during the power-leveling process. Should you retrieve your account before screen shots are taken, runescape farmer100 are unable to entertain any complaints. Screen shots of character and bank are taken before and after a power-leveling service for quality assurance purposes.

To avoid any unpredictable accidental incidents to existing accounts, you can us farmer100 customer power level a brand new account. Rs farmer100 will only be responsible for the main character's well being. Once the order is done, RS farmer100 live chat will send you a confirmation email together with the password to your account. It is the end of a power-leveing.

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