Friday, November 9, 2012

Farmer100 and Farmer100 Review Help You to Protect Your Farmer100 Runescape Accounts

If you are one of runescape players, you need to pay attention to the security of your account. As there are some websites, like farmer100, providing the platforms for rs players to make some money by selling their accounts, some one begins to hack the accounts. Some farmer100 customers often ask how to protect their farmer100 runescape accounts. Now, farmer100 is going to give you some tips to protect your runescape account.

Firs, farmer100 thinks you should be conscious of what other people are inquiring for. There are some people, especially on the internet, wishing to get an awersome rs farmer100 account without any more ado. As we know, we need to take a lot of time to train a good runescape account and to pay some money to get the membership. If you lose your rs farmer100 account, it is not only the matter of money, but also involves your energy and the pleasure of playing the game. Farmer100 review and farmer100 reviews remind you never give other people your account password. The Jages who is the creator of Runescape will never ask for your password and other account security information in game.

Second, don’t share your runescape account with your friend. Some runescape players train the same rs account with their friend in order to hit high level in short time. However, it has no security to do so and will increase the risk of losing your rs account. Farmer100 safe and farmer100 legit center suggest you to use an independent account, especially when it comes to a paid runescape account.

Third, set a unique and complex password for your runescape account. If you buy a runescape account on farmer100, farmer100 live chat will remind you to set a security password once you receive the account. This is an effective way to avoid online thieves. You can get more information about setting a security password on farmer100 blog, farmer100 news and farmer100 runescape wordpress.

If you have any other good ways to protect runescape accounts, leave your comments here.

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