Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Farmer100 Tells You How to Protect Game Accounts

Farmer100 Runescape Guides

It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the security of the accounts. Farmer 100 upgrades itself constantly by researching the best guard method. At the same time, farmer100 also provides guard methods like “Mailbox binding”, “secret security card” and “equipment locks”. In addition, protecting the security of accounts also reply on each player’s protection awareness.

Today, the farmer100 safe and farmer100 legit center will work together with you to understand the method of protecting accounts.

At first, you need to complete the information of you game account. The accomplished information will help to ensure the interests of your account. If you loose your account, you can recover your game account by offering the information. From the farmer100 reviews point of view, the comprehensive account information will be the first line of defense of your account’s security.

Second, the safeguard in games is also a good way to protect your account. For example, in farmer100 runescape, you can add a bank pin to lock your runescape bank so other players can not steal your items without efforts. Now, some games have opened equipment lock, magic weapon lock, pet lock and property protection measures to ensure the security of your account. Farmer100 also has written some articles about that, if you want to get free rs farmer100 guides you can visit farmer100. The equipment lock is also called item lock. It can greatly improve the security of the players’ virtual equipment items. You can use it to avoid the unnecessary loss of the equipments and goods when share your accounts with other players.

If you have other problems, you can ask farmer100 or farmer100 live chat for help. Farmer100 wish you enjoy the pleasure of buying goods on farmer100.

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