Friday, November 9, 2012

Farmer100 Virtual Goods Byers Analaysis-----Farmer100 Runescape Accounts and Gold

According to this article “Older gamers buy virtual goods more often younger gamers”, Farmer100 got the following statistics.

From the picture we know that the older people buy more virtual goods than the younger people. The article said the conclusion of this survey was from the mobile gaming community Mocospace. However, farmer100 live chat says the most customers of farmer100 are younger rather than older. So, I think the result of this survey was not precise enough.

Through querying farmer100’s statistics, we can see there are two sale peaks every year. The first one is July and August. The second one is December. Farmer100 thinks the main reason is the holiday. During the summer holiday, the kids have a lot of time to play games so the demand is large. In December, the kids have several days to celebrate the Christmas day. If he like play games, he will grab this holiday. Besides, some parents buy virtual goods for their kids as gift. The two primary reasons promote the growth of farmer100’s sales.

It cannot be denied that there are older people also playing online games. Farmer100 believes we should distinguish the conditions according to the target customers. Some online games are designed for the elder people; while some others are designed for the younger people. So we cannot say the older people buy virtual goods more often than the younger people.

Many young people like playing runescape so there are some younger customers of farmer100 runescape. Some players are doubt if the farmer100 legit, I’m sure to tell you farmer100 is safe and you can trust it. If you want to get farmer100 review and farmer100 reviews information, you can go to runescape farmer100 wordpress or blogspot to read the relevant articles.

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