Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Farmer100 Discloses How Your Farmer100 Runescape Account Is Hacked

Avoid Your Runescape Farmer100 Account Being Hacked

First, the one who want to hack other player’s account need the help of Trojans. This program is written by some masters to cut out the accounts and password. For our computers have the anti-virus software so the programmers need to write a free kill program in order to run the Trojans. Farmer100 reminds players often to get the virus off your computer.

Second, the programmers who write the Trojans may not be the people who release the Trojans. So the programmers often find other people to agent the Trojans. According to the grade level of the Trojans, the Agent prices are different. The month agency fee of a good Trojan may be in tens of thousands or more, but the profit is very high. So this cost is not very expensive. Some farmer100 customers told the farmer100 live chat they suffered a great deal from the Trojans.

When the agency accepts the Trojans, he must find the traffic supplier. The agency often has some platforms to launch the Trojans, such as forum, website, or even players’ computers. The price of flow is accounted by the number of accounts that are hacked by the Trojans. As farmer100 review knows, the profit of flow is pretty amazing.

When the agency arranges the Trojans and traffic, he can find a person to receive the letter. After the players accounts are attacked by the Trojans, the Trojans will send the password and username to the receiver. Then, the agency can directly steal the property through the username and password.

Some hackers use this way to steal other players’ accounts. So you need to be very cautious when you play games and open the websites other people send to you. If you want to get an awesome but cheap farmer100 runescape account, you can come to farmer100.com. Farmer100 safe center will help you to protect your runescape account.

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