Monday, December 3, 2012

Runescape farmer100 shares 10 years runescape account story with you

RS farmer100---Do you have a 10 years runescape account?

Farmer100 runescape---10 years runescape account

People who have member runescape accounts for 10 years or more will get a special Veteran Cape. As a 10-year honest RS player, player excitingly sees the long-awaited launch of the 10 Year Veteran Cape. Now, RS farmer100 tells you the details.

There are various things happening in the 10-year - just take a look at RuneScape back in 2002!

You know, 2002 was the year Tutorial Island welcomed lots of new players to RuneScape, and multitude adventurer met their demise at the hands of the newly-arrived King Black Dragon! Now the gates of Gielinor had barely been open a year.

10-year runescape accounts owners certainly deserve a special item to mark this magnificent commitment. The valuable Veteran Cape is only available to members, and it can be purchased from Hans, who can be found in the grounds of Lumbridge Castle.

If you don’t have such long history runescape accounts, don’t worry, you can also get the Veteran Cape through buying runescape accounts from runescape farmer100.

Farmer100 provides different types of runescape accounts, member runescape accounts and long using runescape accounts. You can choose what ever runescape accounts if you want! If you have a 10 years farmer100 runescape account, you will also get a big surprise.

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