Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RS farmer100 and tutorial island (1)

As is known to all, Runescape is a famous role playing game. There are more than 200 million accounts registered since 2001. When you get a Runescape account from the and log in, you will be lead to Tutorial Island. It’s the place where new players learn the basics of combat and skilling.

Well, as a runesape player, you have no way to get back if you graduated from Tutorial Island. It is non-optional for new accounts-every player must follow the training tail. Before you begin the tutorial, you had to first customise their character.

In Tutorial Island, you will be taught to chop down trees, bread from dough, fish for shrimp, and prepare a fire from the logs. While Tutorial Island never taught any pay-to-pay skills. Until you finished on Tutorial Island, you could leave the island by activating you Home Teleport Spell.

To be continued on rs farmer100

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