Monday, December 3, 2012

RS farmer100 survey: Are you a runescape addict?

RS farmer100--- Do you a runescape addiction?

Are you sure you have a runescape addiction? Have your friends ever said that you play runescape too much? Or have you ever just been curious to find out whether you are a real video game addict or not? In fact, there are some symptoms. Now RS farmer100 survey will tell you the details.

Number1: You wear white gloves while cooking, and thought they will prevent you from burning food. You give your girlfriend a pair of light blue boots, saying they will make her weigh less.

Number2: You don’t talk to people, because you have been muted by a mod. You go to the bank and expect they will let you deposit 100 pictures of lobsters.

Number3: When you pick up a penny, and wonder why it won’t re-spawn; when you are at gunpoint and you say “go ahead, I will only drop five bucks”; when someone says something interesting, you say “ROFL”; when you see steel suits of armor in Europe and think “n00bs”…

Number4: If you see a baby wearing a party hat and you say “Hacker”; if you try to walk through people like in RS, but you failed; If you don’t eat bread at a restaurant because it only restores 3 hit points…

It is impossible to list all symptoms in the article. While, you can post your unique symptom on farmer100. Farmer100 runescape has blog and forums for you to chat with other gamers. You can also make friends with farmer100 live chat, to share your interesting stories on runescape.

Funny, isn’t it?

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