Tuesday, December 11, 2012

RS farmer100---simple principles on runescape

RS farmer100

RS farmer100 is glad to offer you the cheapest runescape items. Today farmer100 live chat wants to share some simple RS principles with you. 

Assuming you are on runescape, friends of Runescape, rich with gold and armored in full rune in Runescape. You decide to check out the deep Wilderness, but realize you've never been there before playing Runescape. You shrug and bring along a bunch of lobsters and a law rune while playing Runescape...

After all, you can just teleport back instantly if something goes wrong in RS. You arrive at level 39 Wilderness, kill a few giants in RS, and spot some newbie running around. You laugh and decide to kill him as well as you are playing Runescape. While you're enjoying the iron the newbie dropped in RS, two level 80 mages show up in Runescape.

They notice the gigantic skull above your head and start attacking you as you're playing RS, hitting 25s and 30s with their spells--- more than you thought possible in Runescape. You eat lobsters as fast as you can, and quickly click on Teleport to Varrock... but nothing happens. The lobsters run out, the 80s laugh, and you lose yourself a full set of rune. You lose in Runescape, friends of Runescape.

This could happen to any players in Runescape. And if you don't take the time to learn about where you're going to go---such as the fact that you can't teleport past level 20 wilderness in RS - then you're going to lose a lot of items. This doesn't only apply to the wilderness: always scout a place out (or look it up) before going there. Many people lose a lot of valuable equipment because they didn't know how aggressive and strong some creatures are while playing Runescape.

If you keep losing gp on runescape by dying with expensive equipment, it is useless though you made one million gp a day. More information, please visit farmer100.

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