Monday, March 25, 2013

Runescape Player

PC Gamer has dug deep into the history and development of RuneScape with their exclusive interactive E-Zine.

One day I just login the game server for take care of my own port, at that time as soon as I login and seeing my character like 1~3 seconds I get banned for gold farming and no evidence. At that time friends of mine about 8~9 get banned same way. Just like login the sever and click the start game just got banned simultaneously. I really doubtful that there are some kind of policies that discrimination IP from North America, UK and Asia. What else could explain this massacre ban?

In my opinion, Runescape's macro finding system is not perfect so sometime work bad and lead to indiscriminatingly kill the gamers no matter who good or bad just get rid of them all. Just like bull trawler in fishing and rs accounts for sale.

It has happend that Rs mistakenly ban accounts. They wont admit these so theres nothing to do.

If you're account has been banned you can appeal it and our team will check it out. We can't help your appeal via Facebook I am afraid. -Crow

Mod Crow, Thank you for your answer but as you know your answer is really irresponsible. I know there are no revived history that banner who charge of gold farming. I need more helpful and sincere answer Crow. Do you admit that macro finding system is working badly and mischarge to innocent account like mine? How could explain there are much more victims who innocent, good, fine, honorable gamers around me? I can't stop this appeal until getting more responsible and reasonble answer & measure.

Okay Mod Crow, I check the link you wrote and My accounting setting too. 4 banned case of mine still pending. 10 days gone already. Is that regular time to reviewing? And one thing I wanna know that I could possibly appealing to send an email contains My case information and appeal things via Jag@jagex, also and sell runescape accounts? Still I couldn't remove that suspicious mind that broken trustworthy between Jagex and I. And also very doubtful that they really sincerely, carefully review the all the cases. And technically identify my case is innocent. Incorrectly given mistakes could be repeatable.

As a player since 2004, I actually like the EOC more. It made combat more fun, intuitive, and hands on. It saved PVMing in my mind. Granted, PVP is now sporadic and jumpy at best, but I was never much of a PVPer so nothing lost there. I personally enjoy the EOC.

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