Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Introduction to the combat triangle

The combat triangle is a system of governing combat so that each class, including warrior, mage and ranger. Now I want to share what I know with others here.

The Rangers leather armour has high magic defence, but to the contrary, fairly low defence against melee weapons. Then you may confuse about what a combat triangle can help us in the game with cheap runescape accounts playing. You can make use of it by knowing when to fight. Most monsters in Waterbirth dungeon are governed exclusively by the combat triangle, making it nearly impossible to kill them without using the effective style. In addition, several monsters use magic to attack you, so a common solution is to melee while wearing ranger's leather armour to provide high magic defence. Though mages have low defence to melee and range, mages are very effective against melee armour. And Rangers are effective against mages but ineffective against warriors.

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